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Our mobile app products cater to the public in the areas such as beauty, fashion, food, weather forecast and health. About each apps as per the company profile intros of the respective apps.


Our mobile app products cater to the public in the areas such as beauty, fashion, food, weather forecast and health. About each apps as per the company profile intros of the respective apps.

Lanka Doctor

Find details of doctors in Sri Lanka such as their specialty, hospitals and contact numbers to get an appointment immediately. Our database includes the names and respective hospitals of numerous specialists, surgeons, OPD doctors, physiologists and physicians with whom you can easily fix a consultation. For any medical and health-care related information, do visit our website that contains a growing archive of relevant articles.

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B & B Tailor Safaries

Authentic adventure & stylish luxury tailored to suit you.Exploring bush & beach.Culture & community.Wildlife & variety discovering big five habitats.And the finest places to stay in natural locations.

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iDreamz is a reputed education services provider located in Nugegoda, Sri Lanka. We provide Corporate Training, IT Courses for Individuals and Groups , Online Training, e Learning and m Learning Services, Publications and Messaging Services .

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Purchase genuine ayurvedic products, herbal and natural products online on www.ayurvedaya.com.

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Lanka Doctor App

Lanka Doctor is a comprehensive mobile application which connects doctors and patients. Also it helps the general public to maintain a healthy life style and educate how to handle the health related issues with it's knowledge base.

  • Find a Doctor
  • Specialists
  • General Practitioners
  • Articles

Vdriver Diagnostic App

Connect OBD 2 device into your vehicle's obd2 port and run vdriver diagnostic app. It will allow you find out whether there are any troubles in your vehicle. Application features are;

  • Read Trouble Codes and identify troubles
  • Suggest Solutions for troubles
  • View all stats received from obd2 port including engine rpm, air intake temperatures, air pressure, fuel economy, etc...

Ammai Babai App

This application provides important information from how to breast feed a baby to building up a physically and mentally healthy baby.

  • How To Breast Feed a baby in correct way
  • Growth of the baby
  • Food and Nutritious
  • Medicine and First Aid
  • Lullabies

Iwum Pihum App

The application provides you recipes of Sri Lankan's favorite foods and drinks alone with best from the world as well. App contains following

  • Ahara Vattoru ( Food Recipes)
  • Dhesheeya Ahara (Local Food)
  • Indian Ahara (Indian Food)
  • Cheena Ahara (Chinese Food)
  • Rasa Rahas (Cookery Tips)
  • Awurudu Kama ( New Year Food)
  • Pana Warga (Beverages)

Kalagune App

The application provide all the weather related information you need based on your location. Also you can check the weather conditions and predictions related to anywhere in the world.

  • Current Temperature
  • Current wind speed, air pressure, etc..
  • Get complete predictions for upcoming weeks
  • Weather Graphs
  • Change Themes

Bishop's Score Calculator App

How close a woman is to the onset of spontaneous labour will influence the likelihood that induction of labour will be successful. This is assessed by vaginal examination and cervical status measured using the Bishop’s score.

  • What is Bishop's Score?
  • Calculate Bishop's Score
  • Calculate modified Bishop's Score

Ru Rahas App

The application provides a comprehensive beauty culture advises to improve the way you look. It consists of clean and clear instructions to improve and maintain the beauty of all your body parts.

Dhamma Padhaya App

Dhamma padhaya is the most popular script among Buddhist. This mobile application provides you full contents of Dhamma padhaya in both Sinhala and Pali languages.

Neertha App

Neertha app provides the knowledge and guidance necessary to enter into The Legal Profession, which is a recognized, dignified, a reputed profession in society.

Contents :
  • How to Become a Lawyer?
  • Model question Papers
  • Past Exam Papers
  • Victory and Knowledge Competition
  • Class Timetable

Sri Lanka Calendar App

Comprehensive calendar app paired with a task manager.

Features: :
  • Detailed calendar with monthly pages and current days
  • All holidays
  • Rahu Kalaya
  • Create custom notifications. eg: birthdays, weddings,etc.
  • Change color theme
  • Sinhala New Year auspicious times

Vtrack App

VTrack App provides the facility to track the locations of you, your family members, your friends and vehicles driven by a driver. You can add friends to your circle. Then you can add most important people (eg : Family Members, best friend) into Map where you can find the current location of them anytime. You don't have to bother your family members, girl friend or friend by calling to ask "Where are you?". Also you can update your activities on app with location where your close ones can know how is your day going. eg : Lunch at X restaurant ( So your partner do not have to call and ask "did you have lunch?" * Permission of all parties required for tracking'

Prison Escape game

The application is a simulation of popular logical theory Prisoner's Dilemma. The player has to play with a virtual AI character within the app.

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